Political Sermons

For many decades, before and after the American Revolution and the founding of America in 1776, Ministers would yearly address their magistrates on their responsibilities before God. Here’s a collection of those sermons.

Election Sermon: The Duty of Lower Magistrate in the face of Tyranny– Pastor Matt Trewhella, Helena 2015

Sermon to the Governor of Arizona by Jeff Durbin

2020 Election Sermon: A Blueprint for Christians on How to Truly Make America Great Again- Bryan Schrank

Confronting Kings by Bryan Schrank

Civil Magistrates Must Be Just, Ruling in the Fear of God- Charles Chauncy, Boston 1747

Divine Judgments Upon Tyrants– Jacob Cushing, Boston 1778

A Sermon on the Commencement Date of the Constitution- Samuel Cooper, Boston 1780
The Essential Rights and Liberties of Protestants– Elisha Williams, Boston 1774